Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Crystal Ball

Wow! What a night Tim and I had last night!! My boss Sharin got for all the Crew tickets to go to the Crystal Ball at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It's a huge fundraiser for Reach for the Rainbow, which is a children's charity. The tickets were $700 each!! Our table was given to us because of the large donation Sharin gave of a completely decorated bedroom with furniture and everything!

Sharin is in the green jacket with Mary Jane (MJ) beside her, then Adrianne, then me. Lorrainne in red and Evelyn on the rocker. This was early in the evening and once Bacardi opened up the cocktail bars it all got a bit sillier! Those mojitos went down smoothly didn't they ladies!

Yes and so did those Bacardi Razz and lemonade cocktails too!

We had to test out the comfort level of the BMW car and motorcycles that were up for auction too!

I couldn't resist hiking up my long dress and trying it out. I know, I know not exactly lady-like, but when will I ever get another chance like that!! The bike was so nice and all the foot pegs, brakes and clutche were perfect sized for me to ride. It was a wee bit tall, I had to be on the balls of my feet, even with heels on!!

Here is a shot of my hubby and me in our fancy dress up clothes. This will have to be a keeper of a picture since the chances of going anywhere this glamourous in the future is probably fairly slim!

What a way to end our 4 years in Toronto. Did I mention that the Beach Boys were there and we got to dance for a couple of hours to their music. Sweet!!

Thank you Sharin for an absolutely great time! You are an Awesome boss!! That was so much fun!


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

\Wow...what a splash out and what a great time you must have had! Love your pictures and love your dress!


Artsymom said...

Thanks Tea! I wish now I had a picture of the back of the dress it's the best part! Low swooping back with a antique sparkly broach and a drape of fabric from the pin to the floor. Very high drama!!