Monday, March 09, 2009

Awesome New Technology

So it all started when the dryer didn't turn off and it ended up running all evening and all night until I happened to wander downstairs the next morning and heard it going. I seriously can't imagine what that is going to cost me in electricity! The clothes were boiling hot and I feel pretty lucky it didn't start a fire.

After that we started setting timers so it would remind us to go down and turn it off when we used it but we also noticed that the heat on the one session wasn't really hot. It was taking close to 2 hours to dry things. We bought a drying rack which then only took 1 day or 2 to dry everything. We also started checking out dryers and costs and going online to see which dryers had more problems than others. I noticed that of course if you bought the washer with the dryer you could save a bit more money.

The washer we were currently using was an old coin operated, top loading machine. You actually didn't need any quarters but you did have to slide the coin slot in to turn the machine on. There were only 2 settings, warm or cold wash, both were basically cold. There was no spin cycle or rinse cycle, just on or off if the lid was up. In doing my research I found out that this ancient machine was using approx. 40 gallons of water per load! We are on a well and we have water shortages in the dry months, August to November. When I checked out water usage on front loading machines and they only use 12 gallons I started working on Tim that we needed to replace both machines. He balked at the cash outlay for both machines but while I was working on him the washing machine started acting up and wouldn't turn on. I swear I didn't do anything to it! I think I must have hurt it's feelings when I was talking about sending it the way of the scrap heap.

When Tim started to agree with me about getting the new machines, that was it for the washing machine, it refused to start. Laundry began to pile up rapidly while I frantically did more research into which machines people had found to be disasters and which were fabulous. Then of course there was the price checking all over town for the best deal.

I ended up at Future Shop and picked up the brand LG and got the stacking set with free delivery, which of course wouldn't deliver for another week! There was laundry everywhere in our house. The kids were not happy since they actually were stuck wearing all those clothes that had been previously buried at the bottom of their drawers that weren't quite cool enough to be seen in.

Finally the machines showed up all shiny and new, which is a first for me, I've never bought brand new machines before! Tim and I managed to stack them after Tim hooked everything up and then spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get a normal cycle out of the machines according to the manual. They really make these things very complicated, seriously how many people out there actually use more than 2 different cycles when they do their wash?

The machines have digital displays and pretty sounding bells and chimes for when they are finished. They so far haven't shaken themselves across the floor or anything. The clothes have turned out nice and clean and we leave the door of the washer open when not in use so it doesn't get smelly. The dryer has truly amazed us though, it actually drys clothes completely in 41 minutes!! It might have something to do with the washing machines ability to spin the clothes almost completely dry but still 41 minutes! Wahoo! I should have bought these machines 2 yrs ago when we moved in and saved us a bundle in water and energy! Tim and I, as of now, are still trying to race each other to get to the machines first to put the laundry in because of the novelty of the machines. I'm letting him win mostly since I know it won't last but it's fun for now making him think he is winning. Hee hee