Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Children and Their Funny Food Issues

My daughter, Leah is now 11 yrs old and is getting really fussy with eating meat. Of course giving it up means headaches for me and trying to get protein in other ways. There is no way she will eat tufu and she can't stand beans or legumes so other than cheese and dairy not alot of choices. She will eat fish happily but finding good fresh fish is a bit of a challenge not to mention the cost of it. I personally love fish and seafood but we just can't afford to have it more than once a week and the frozen stuff is just kind of lousy!

Leah loves sushi along with Tim and I, Quinn of course hates it! It's always the restaurant of choice with Quinn complaining the whole time. He usually manages to eat plain rice and miso soup and occasionally they'll have those deep fried chicken wings so he does survive.

Food is always such an issue in our house and a fight most times. Quinn will spend hours, yes, seriously hours! at the dinner table nibbling like a mouse only slower! At least a mouse has enough sense to eat quickly before getting stomped on! Unless the meal is completely highly processed and of the fast food variety with no veggies or fruit in sight, Quinn will fight us to the bitter end to avoid eating anything healthy. This pic at the sushi restaurant just so completely sums up Quinn at all dinner tables. Fists up ready to fight it out with us and a mask on so a fork couldn't possibly enter his mouth with the poison that I feed my family. What a monkey!

Leah on the other hand eats more like a 30 yr old with lots of veggies, though there are few fruits she will eat. She hates processed foods, exactly the opposite of Quinn of course. She actually hates all donuts and even the timbits at Tim Hortons, seriously, isn't that nuts?

My kids don't even like bananas, they actually agree on that amazingly. What kid doesn't like bananas?? Peanut and butter and banana sandwiches rock! Oh how I miss loaves of soft white bread with that delicious crispy outside crust. The smell just about brings me to my knees. Being gluten-free is tough. I love going into bakeries and just standing there and breathing in that glorious smell! Luckily I'm not celiac so on occasion I do indulge and not always, but sometimes I pay for it later with all those nasty reactions that remind me to stay away!

Can't you just smell that bread when you close your eyes! Can you tell it's lunch time while I'm writing this?!!