Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sculpting Tantilizers

OK I got permission from Tim to post some of his sculptures. So far these are only created in clay and then we will cast from these and make molds and master casts. I hope I got all that lingo correct!

These are the fairy ladies carrying off a honey pot. I guess it would have been helpful if I had thought to turn the bloody thing so you were looking at it from the right angle!! Oops, sorry!

Here is the Oak tree man or Fall guy or something like that. Tim's working on doing a plaque for each of the seasons.

This is a fingermaze that is the same pattern we used in our larger walking labyrinth. It's kind of fun to run your finger around on it.

Tim's been sculpting lots more since these photos were taken but we want to keep some of it secret until we open our doors of the gallery!

Winter Fun

It seems like it's been a long time since we've had a winter resembling normal in this country. We have been having great fun with all this pretty snow everywhere. I guess after living in the city for so many years it seems very gorgeous. In the city the snow is only ever fresh and clean looking for about a day or so. Then the dirt and and plows and salt turn it all nasty and brown.

Here it still looks fresh and white and still untouched in areas with only an occasion path of tracks from some critter running along.

We, sorry correction, Tim cleared a big area of snow off of the river and has been skating everyday since and the kids have been out there too. The hockey games have been feverish between them. I managed to get out there yesterday after school and played until the tummies were growling on everyone.

Tim also got ambitious and tracked a labyrinth in the snow and then traced all the edges with sticks so that in the spring we'll be able to add to it and make it more permanent. It's wonderful to walk under the pines and listen to the wind run through all the needles and it's actually the river at the back of the picture which is covered in snow. It should be a nice spot at anytime of year.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

County Life is Great!!

6am First snowfall and a full moon. It was gorgeous!

Well I'm back in the library. We come to the library about once a week or so. Apparently the news on getting wireless is more dismal than before. The technician that works on the tower here in the County fell off his roof over the holidays and broke his leg! Sooooo... he obviously won't be climbing that silo in Waupoos anytime soon to add the extra length needed to get the signal to us. sigh...

Dialup is crazy slow. Our modem can only run at half speed because apparently the copper wire in the county is kinda lousy so the signal can't run any faster!

I do love it here, even without TV (besides the 2 channels we do get!) and cell phones and internet. The kids have their moments of wanting to go back to the city. Mostly this is because they miss their friends. Being able to see so far out on the horizon is amazing after never being able to see past the wall of houses across the street in Toronto. Even lousy weather is wonderful to look out the window at!

There was big excitement yesterday! It was officially a snow day! NO BUSES! The kids were thrilled with the icy weather keeping them home for the day. This morning though it was back to business and they got outside early enough to slide down the little hills on their crazy carpet sleds before the bus came.

Tim and I decided to give the sleds a try at the back of the house from the hill and both of us would have ended up in the river if we hadn't managed to get our feet out quickly to stop the slide. Obviously our weight carried us alot further than the kids and all the crusty ice on the surface of the lawn made from some speedy sledding. The river isn't exactly frozen solid yet so it would have been a nasty ending. Tim went first and couldn't stop for quite a distance so he was a bit paniced by the end of the trip!

Fun to be had in the simplest of ways around here!!