Monday, September 28, 2009

The Winds Howl and the Trees Fall, Again!

Can you see Leah and Quinn behind our newest fallen tree?

The wind very suddenly and abruptly blew through our place and just up the road on Morrison Point this afternoon. 5 trees fell on Morrison Point and I didn't even realize this one fell down until Leah came home from school and was bouncing around in excitement over the destruction!

The roots were yanked right out of the ground and left a very large crater in the shoreline. It ripped off a few limbs of the cedar and pine trees on it's way down as well.

I was busily working in the upstairs of the barn painting the studio room and didn't even notice the tree falling! Of course there was a constant howl of wind and crashing of smaller branches against the tin roof to distract me from the bigger crash of a tree falling.

This is the 3rd tree to fall in 2 years. At this rate we are going to run out of trees and shade very soon! I'm going to go out and buy a nice oak tree I think to replace this one this weekend. In about 60 years it should be at least as tall as this one. Hopefully someone in the future will appreciate the tree like I appreciate the person who planted all our trees that we have today. This tree was a black locust, at least that's what I think it was. It used to bloom large white clusters of flowers just after the lilacs finished blooming and they smelled incredible. I will miss this tree very much.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Published Writings!

I was asked to write a piece on Quinn's summer job as an actor in the Festival Players production of "Schoolhouse" so here is the link to that story. Firsts in Prince Edward County
Quinn had a great time and is already thinking about trying out for another play that is happening this fall. Leah also has the bug and is really keen to show Quinn he isn't the only thespian in the family!
There are other stories here that are fun to read and I've gotten a real kick out of having my story about Quinn being on here. It was harder than I thought to write but I did manage to muddle through.

So I haven't blogged in a while, too insanely busy I guess. The Galloping Goat summer art camp for kids was a success but also exhausting. I also went to Montreal with Tim and my friend Charlene and her guy for 3 days and we had a great time. The gift show was going on so there was alot of shopping involved and the guys were good about it and didn't hover too much!

Now it's the first day of school for Quinn and Leah. Quinn is now at Leah's school since he is starting grade 4 today so he is now officially at the big kid school. Crazy how that time flew. It seems like only a year ago I was desperately wishing for Quinn to finally be in grade 1 and full days at school and "BAM" he is in grade 4 and Leah is in grade 7 and really, really close to high school!! I think time is speeding up!

Milford Fair is coming up next, Saturday Sept. 19th. I'm not prepared, we were supposed to come up with a clever parade entry but so far nothing. I need a creative fun idea. I have had the offer of goats to borrow again but not sure if we are going to do that again or not.

The busy pace never seems to let up and now we have more stock coming since I ordered more merchandise in Montreal. Hopefully we'll have a gorgeous fall with lots of visitors to the barn. It really is the most beautiful time of year.