Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter Projects

Isn't it funny how after christmas is done all that sparkly, snowy wonderland becomes annoying and a big cold pain in the butt!!! It's snowing, again, the driveway is filling with snow, again. I need to haul wood from the barn to the house, again! I need to drag the 1969 snowblower out of the barn and spend an hour blowing out the driveway, again!

Tim had surgery a week ago on his leg and is now hobbling around only slightly better than he was 3 days ago. The doctor wasn't kidding that he would need 2 weeks off! So that means I get to shovel, snowblow, haul wood, drag the garbage and manage the lighting of the woodstove all by myself. This is fine when he is away, I can handle all of this without any great issue but it's the overseeing of my darling husband while doing these chores I could do without! He has been a wee bit cranky from the pain and bored so being under this much scrutiny is a bit trying at times.

I have been cutting and laying ceramic tiles around our woodstove in the livingroom. I left a border of 6" around the 13" tiles to play with mosiacing that area. I've been collecting up bits of floor tiles at our Habitat for Humanity store in Belleville (The Restore) for months. I spent a day in my studio smashing them all to small bits so I could puzzle piece them back together in a random way for my fancy border. I spent 2 days messing around and coming up with a look I liked and then started gluing down the bits. After 2 full days I only had a small section done, about 3 feet, Tim didn't like it. Thought the pattern wasn't very good and the spaces too large and ... blah, blah, blah. Then he told me I needed to leave more space between the wood floor edge and the tiles. So I said nothing just picked up a hammer and scrapper and removed the 3 feet of glued down mosiacs. I was not too happy. I had asked how much space to leave ages ago and he had said a 1/4" but now he thinks he'll need 1", grr.
So my livingroom is a mess, of containers of broken tiles for mosaics and drop clothes under them and buckets of glue. Now the fun has been taken out of the project and I don't want to do it... sigh. I think I'll just wait until he is now longer living on the couch in the livingroom recooperating. That way I can play in peace without all the "help" and "suggestions" I wish it was not so cold out so I could go for a walk and revel in the tranquility of the great outdoors. It's even a bit too cold for this Canadian girl. I mean when you are already wearing your longjohns under your jeans and then ski pants over that and your thighs and butt are still going numb it means you need to stay near the woodstove! I hope that groundhog has good news in a week and a half!