Tuesday, April 01, 2008


All those horrible pics of snow below in this blog are depressing! YUCK!

Funny how that first snow is magical and lovely and everything looks pretty and sparkling under the blanket of white. Now it's just a dirty, mucky disgusting mess, especially the mine field of doggy you-know-what! Now that is the worst job in the world in the spring, taking a wheelbarrow picking up all those nasty bits!

Well now that the snow is clearing out we finally got our new wall furnace in to warm the place up.
The barn tends to be a pretty damp spot until the afternoon sun starts pouring in the windows. We tested the furnace out with a bbq tank since the big tank doesn't come until tomorrow and wow it really worked great! No more freezing fingers for me on weekends!

The people visit us in the barn are largely tourists that don't know Prince Edward County very well so most come dressed in the usual spring attire that you can get away with in the city or at least any town further from the water than we are. Let it be known, the County is always windy, and always markedly cooler than even our largest city of Belleville. So if you are coming for a visit bring a warm coat and these days, decent boots. We had a lot of shivering guests visiting for the Maple Surup Festival in the barn huddled under the electric ceiling heater with thin leather jackets and light polar fleece sweaters.

There is a reason there is so much interest in the County for wind farms, it is insanely windy here, all the time! It's great in the summer, even on the hottest day there is usually a breeze. It's this time of year and the fall that it will whip right through your clothes and leave you numb! I am sure looking forward to all that warm sunshine, come on SPRING!