Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Treats!

Here is Quinn, Leah and my version of ye olde witch finger cookie. We went with a sugar cookie dough that we added green food colouring to and a chocolate chip for the nail (no nuts in the schools allowed). We call them Monster Toes! Too bad most of them got a little over cooked but these guys turned out OK and it made enough for both class parties tomorrow!

Gotta love a simple fun and a wee bit gorey treat that makes 73 cookies!

Friday, October 27, 2006

and so begins... Halloween!

So Quinn managed to not scare himself too much and decided that he did want the scars, stitches and blood for his pirate outfit for the Boys and Girls Club costume party last night. 2 nights ago he had changed his mind and only wanted to be a guy with a boat that was blue with a white strip and sail. He was worried if he looked in a mirror he would be too scary as his original idea of Franken-pirate!

The evening turned out great considering how the day started out with Quinn disappearing at his school and no one knowing where he was. I found him hiding in the basement almost 20 mins after I had dropped him off at the school and watched him walk into the building. It's pretty scary to ask his teacher where your child is and she tells you that he hasn't arrived yet when you were the one that dropped him off into the building!

Anyways, letting that stress go, or trying too!

Leah's Grammie made her Raggedy Ann costume and I made the wig and painted the lines on her tights and she was thrilled with how she looked. Quinn loved his look as well and had a long list of pirate lingo that he was practicing all night.

The competition was a bit tougher this year at the club but these 2 again won two of the six best costume prizes so they were pretty pleased with themselves. Leah won Best Dressed Girl and Quinn won Best Homemade Boy.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Baxter of the Golden Eyes

Here is our boy Baxter. It seems his name is staying. He was a good boy his first night but I'm definitely going to have to learn to sleep through all the purring! He even managed to wiggle under the blankets in the early morning for better snuggling. He slept the entire day on my pile of bills beside my computer monitor while I was typing away and Belle was at my feet keeping them toasty on this chilly day.

County School Visit

Tim and I along with Leah and Quinn left early Friday morning for the County from Toronto. We arrived under a deluge of rain and gray skys at Quinn's soon-to-be school. We walk into the small school and turn into the office where we see the big white board with the important news and up coming events on it. There right in the middle in Bright orange marker is "Friday Oct 20th - Quinn's visit". The secretary and principal and Quinn's soon-to-be teacher rush to greet us and tell us all about the school.

It's in the middle of lunch hour with an indoor recess because of the rain so it was a bit noisy and the principal (we got to call her Pooky!) kept appologizing since they've had 4 days straight of indoor recess because of the lousy weather. It really wasn't that noisy, I've heard way worse at Dovercourt in a lunchroom with the kids.

Quinn got a book from his teacher with all the pictures of all the kids in his class with their favourite things listed and a bit about how many people are in their families. Then his teacher introduced him to the class and showed him where he will sit and had a girl stand up and tell Quinn that she had moved here also from Toronto. Then she had a girl named Lucy stand up and say hi because her grandma and Quinn's grandma are friends and know each other.

We then left for Leah's school 5 minutes further down the road. Quinn was clutching his book and looking for Lucy's picture and asked for a pen or pencil, or anything quick! He quietly wrote his name and put a heart with a happy face and an arrow pointing to Lucy in the picture. He showed us and told Leah not to tease him but he loved Lucy.

Leah's teacher was away but she got to see her class and check out the kids and see the HUGE computer lab. There is one brand new computer for each kid when a class goes in to use the lab.

Quinn's class is SK grade 1 split with 22 kids and every other day when the SK's aren't there, there are only 18 kids. Leah's class is a grade 4 and 5 split with 22 kids in it. Nice class size or what!

In the 20 minutes that we spent at each school the secretaries and principal and even the special needs teacher had double checked on the special FM system and phonic ear that Leah needs for her Auditory Processing Disorder. They are hoping to maybe even have the classroom wired and set up for when Leah arrives. This is completely shocking for us! Toronto school board told me it would take a couple of years probably to get this system for Leah. Too expensive, not a strong enough need, she isn't hearing impaired, blah blah blah.

Pooky kept saying we will do our best but no promises but the secretary Brenda just laughed and rolled her eyes and said don't worry we'll get it all set up. Pooky said the school board would of course have to approve the expensive of the system so that's why they can't promise anything.

We shall see what happens but I'm certainly more hopeful at this school then I ever was in the Toronto Board. Like I told Pooky and Brenda "you've done more for us in the last 20 minutes than the Toronto School Board has in 6 yrs".

Wahoo! I love the County!! The kids seem like they are happy with what is to come now and Quinn seems less frantic about what the new school will be like so all in all a good trip.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm always a sucker for a sad story and after looking online at all the poor kitties that need homes we (as in myself and Leah and Quinn) ended up at the Toronto Humane Society on Saturday.

It was very busy but we looked around read all the cats charts and any info found one, two and three and even a fourth that we liked. Next we got a number and an adoption form and kept poking around looking. After an hour and a half the number on the lighted screen was still "3" and we had "15" in hand. Quinn was grumpy, hungry and the smell was making him a bit nuts so we decided to be smart go home and think about this whole thing.

Sunday we woke up and couldn't get all the kitties out of our heads so this time with Tim in tow we headed back to the Humane Society. We decided in the ride over we wanted a girl and a tabby as first preference. We threw around a bunch names of what we were going to call our new cat. We also decided we wanted to get one at least 2 or 3 yrs old.

Well after a short time showing Tim our favourites from the day before we found Pixie. I think Quinn found him first. He was talking to Quinn when I saw him first. He has huge golden eyes and black and white patches on the softest fur ever. He is a big boy and I assumed he was at least 2 yrs. Turns out he is only 6 months!! We discovered this while doing paperwork, so much for all our plans.

As you can see he made himself very comfortable by climbing in beside Leah on the couch for a nap. The kids are completely in love with him, we'll see how long that lasts after the inevitable kitty litter scooping begins. Oh and we have changed his name to Baxter, at least it seems to fit so far!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Making Plans

Well Quinn is still stressing so after chatting with another mom in the school yard I've scheduled a visit to the new school and thank you to Denise for her brilliant suggestion!

I spoke to the principal of the school where the kids will attend and she was very helpful although extremely curious about us. She asked straight out why are we moving to the County, what are we planning to do there? She then said she isn't supposed to ask but that she was asking anyway. I couldn't help but laugh at that. I almost forgot how small towns work. Who every has the most up-todate gossip wins!

Apparently all the County folk have already heard that it's "Toronto people comin' and bought that Black Crick property"(note to self; to sound like a local it's Black Crick not Black River). So I guess it's understandable that Ms Pooky Scott the principal of the small public school wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to grill me. I couldn't resist putting in her full name, isn't it great!

So we are leaving this Friday morning early, early and probably crawling out of the city stuck in rush hour traffic, grrr. Which should add on an hour or so to the drive. So I've got to pack snacks, a lunch and the (thank Goddess for this) portable DVD player. Hopefully all this rain we are getting will be gone by Friday so it's not a wet sloppy drive. I want to take the kids to Little Bluff to see the beach where they will be able to swim in the summer and to few other points of interest. Hopefully this will help give them a sense of anticipation rather anxiety about where we are going to be living.

It's funny it still doesn't feel that real yet sitting here in my kitchen with the constant hum of traffic and sirens from the fire station down the street. Will the silence be too quiet? Will the dark feel scary and suffocating without street lights? I don't think it will, I'm feeling too much the draw of quiet solitude and hearing nature at this point. We'll see if that is still true after some time living there. I'm looking forward to Friday and a chance to be able to take a few deep breaths before we head back to the city to finish up our time here. I am going to try and do some of the fun things in the city with the kids before we go but time is starting to sneak by me so I better get my butt in gear with some plans. Not to mention everyone here that wants to get together with us before we go. Maybe I should just have a big, last-blow-out party with all our friends and the kids friends too. Hmm... that sounds like a plan!

Friday, October 13, 2006

October's Chill

Well it sure was chilly this morning as we walked to school. Lucky for me I managed to find the box of winter hats, scarves and mitts in the attic so we all suited up nice and cozy.

Every morning lately Quinn finds a leaf and asks me to press it. Invaritably I loose it as I follow my routine of dropping of the kids and backpacks and taking the dog to the park for a run. So I end up having to spend some time hunting for a similar one to replace the one he found and it is wet. Now I have it drying which you know I'm going to forget about and it will go all crunchy and boy will he be ticked at me! THis is assuming he will even remember, you never know with Quinn, he's a tricky one!

With the move coming I am letting the kids have friends over more often and tonight they are each having a friend for a sleepover. Which means I'll have 4 kids running rampant in the house right after school and through dinner (thank goddess for mac and cheese!) until the late hours. How insane am I? Pretty insane but the guilt of knowing I'm pulling up their roots to move them is playing pretty strongly here.

Hmm... I just realized that when I saw the kids' parents this morning we never discussed a pickup time for Saturday, eeks! That can be dangerous but I have phone numbers and I will use them if it gets to ruckus on Saturday!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Number Three

This has been a hell of a week. Why do we always assume that death comes in three's? When did someone come up with that calculation?

Saturday evening my husband answered the phone at 10pm and was obviously upset by the news he was receiving. I was in a panic wanting him to get off the bloody phone and tell me want was going on because my imagination was going crazy!

It turned out it was bad news a very good girlfriend of mine from college had died. She was the same age as me which certainly brings about a reality check. Judy was 38 and was found in her apartment dead from Menningitus, the worse strain of the virus.

Judy was the one that kicked my husband and myself in the pants near the end of college enough to admit we had feelings more than just friendship. 13 years later and 2 kids and we are still very much in love and having a great life. That Judy was a smart woman, or possibly sick to death of listening to her two friend yakking her ear off about the other person. Either way we got the nudge we needed and Judy was toted as the matchmaker for us.

The day before we got that call I was poking through my wedding pictures and found one of Judy with her boyfriend partying with us. I promised myself to call her after the weekend to catch up and tell her all about our new adventure we were launching with our lives. I got to go to her memorial service instead.

Why don't people cry? I couldn't help crying but I seemed to be the odd person out in doing it. She was only 38 and there were at least a hundred plus people there that she had been a part of their lives. Was it just too fast and shocking that people haven't let the news really sink in or have we just become too desensitized from reality thanks to all that TV and movies we see. We only know how we are supposed to act not how we actually feel and to follow that instead of the proticol that we've seen in some damn movie.

As for the number three... well I learned the day before yesterday my Great Aunt May passed in her 92nd year which is still sad but understandable. The number three death was our pet Rachel who was a very sweet rat.
Do we get to count small rodent pets as a death in our morbid death count? Rachel hasn't had her ceremonial burial or good-bye service yet with the kids. I am going in 5 mins to pick them up from school and have the talk.

Unfortunately we had to send Rachel's body out with the trash this morning but we have a box we created last night which the kids will think holds the body of Rachel. Personally I prefer the truth since we all have stories as children about pets that go off to a farm to live to only find out years later it's completely bogus! Tim wants the fake burial service, I want to hand them a gentle truth. I'm going to see how they first take the news of Rachel's passing before I make the final decision about what I want to say about her body.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A few more kinks to work out

I'm going to apply for a job in Picton. Big problem is it starts next week! We don't move for 6 weeks yet. This would mean living at my Dad's or Mom's and driving back to the city for the weekends.

Sigh... what to do... It's a real simple office job that happens to have excellent pay and it would mean a bit of stability while we go through all the changes.

Tim finished his job in 3 weeks and then no more income! Scary!

We asked our purchasers if they would move up the closing date by 10 days but they wouldn't unless we paid them $1000!! I was a little shocked at that number. I'm going to check with the bank about bridging and see what that would cost.

I just want to get on with the new life and stop hanging around this old and ill-fitting life we have now. Time is passing very slowly.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Waiting... and Waiting... and Waiting...

Well there was some hope of moving up the moving/closing date of the houses but I'm waiting to hear still.

Our home purchasers said they would let me know today if they wanted to make the date earlier in November, I'm still waiting.

It's still 6 and 1/2 weeks if we move on the original moving date so I'm waiting, impatiently for that date.
I'm waiting to find out if we can get high speed internet at our new house. Apparently I have to find a close neighbour that has it and then chase down the provider so we can get it too. There is no way I'm patient enough to handle having dial-up! I know I'm going to be the wound up, fast moving person from the city for a long time. The County is moving on a whole different space, time plane of existence. I imagine it's going to take years to wipe off the city from me.

I'm waiting on my cell phone provider that will no longer be able to give my phone service since there is no signal in The County to finally decide to let me out of my contract without fining me.

Sigh... The kids are waiting for Thanksgiving turkey dinner at their Grammie and Gramps house and very impatiently waiting for trick or treating night!!

Funny how we spend way more time waiting for the future than actually living the moment to moment stuff.