Friday, October 27, 2006

and so begins... Halloween!

So Quinn managed to not scare himself too much and decided that he did want the scars, stitches and blood for his pirate outfit for the Boys and Girls Club costume party last night. 2 nights ago he had changed his mind and only wanted to be a guy with a boat that was blue with a white strip and sail. He was worried if he looked in a mirror he would be too scary as his original idea of Franken-pirate!

The evening turned out great considering how the day started out with Quinn disappearing at his school and no one knowing where he was. I found him hiding in the basement almost 20 mins after I had dropped him off at the school and watched him walk into the building. It's pretty scary to ask his teacher where your child is and she tells you that he hasn't arrived yet when you were the one that dropped him off into the building!

Anyways, letting that stress go, or trying too!

Leah's Grammie made her Raggedy Ann costume and I made the wig and painted the lines on her tights and she was thrilled with how she looked. Quinn loved his look as well and had a long list of pirate lingo that he was practicing all night.

The competition was a bit tougher this year at the club but these 2 again won two of the six best costume prizes so they were pretty pleased with themselves. Leah won Best Dressed Girl and Quinn won Best Homemade Boy.


Carol said...

Oh my what fantastic costumes! Both, just WOW! I totally love the Raggedy Anne one! So so gorgeous!!

I have a few Raggedy Anne dolls of my childhood and I still love them. They are not ususal here in Germany but I had an auntie living in the USA and she has sent them to me at the time.

Baxter is beautiful cat. I'll come back to discover more of your blog!

Thanks for commenting on my blog btw.:D

Artsymom said...

Hi Carol, Leah loves her Raggedy Ann doll my Sister in-law made her and she had it with her the whole day while in costume.
I actually wore out my first Raggedy Ann doll so my grandma had to make me a 2nd one plus an Andy. Of course I made mom patch up Raggedy Ann 1 and kept her. Leah has my Raggedy Ann 2 and the Andy doll still.
Looking forward to chatting more in the future. Cheers!