Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Waiting... and Waiting... and Waiting...

Well there was some hope of moving up the moving/closing date of the houses but I'm waiting to hear still.

Our home purchasers said they would let me know today if they wanted to make the date earlier in November, I'm still waiting.

It's still 6 and 1/2 weeks if we move on the original moving date so I'm waiting, impatiently for that date.
I'm waiting to find out if we can get high speed internet at our new house. Apparently I have to find a close neighbour that has it and then chase down the provider so we can get it too. There is no way I'm patient enough to handle having dial-up! I know I'm going to be the wound up, fast moving person from the city for a long time. The County is moving on a whole different space, time plane of existence. I imagine it's going to take years to wipe off the city from me.

I'm waiting on my cell phone provider that will no longer be able to give my phone service since there is no signal in The County to finally decide to let me out of my contract without fining me.

Sigh... The kids are waiting for Thanksgiving turkey dinner at their Grammie and Gramps house and very impatiently waiting for trick or treating night!!

Funny how we spend way more time waiting for the future than actually living the moment to moment stuff.

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