Thursday, September 28, 2006

Toronto - Before and After Shot

So it's official after one week on the market and holding back offers until Tuesday evening we sold the house that evening. Only a smidgen under asking price so we feel pretty good about that. Again, like our last house, the couple that purchased our place are young and getting married next year and very excited about the house and can't wait to move in. Unfortunately for us they asked for 3 visits before moving day, argh! Well it sure won't look like it did for the showings when it was up for sale! We brought back the computers and the place looks back to normal practically!! Papers everywhere and toys scattered about, that clean, neat, lovely home we had sure didn't last long!

The countdown now begins with 8 weeks until moving day. The kids are starting to stress about the move and leaving their friends. Quinn came home yesterday for a couple of hours because of a sore tummy. Tim and I are also feeling the reality of the big move and getting anxious also. This is going to be quite an adventure!

Here is the picture of the house before we demo'd the porch and after with a fresh modern paint job.

For all of you groaning about us painting the brick you would understand if you saw it before we painted it without the porch. The bottom half was painted to look like the upper portion of the house. They even painted in mortar lines! It was the only thing we could do to fix the odd way the paint and unpainted portion of the house looked after the porch was gone.

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