Thursday, September 28, 2006

We Bought Black River House!

We bought our next home! On Black River in "The County" right across from the Black River Cheese Factory (this is a very well known tourist spot to visit!). This is a picture from the bridge of the coach house and the barn beside it and our little bit of the river. The house is farther to the right on the property.

I'm writing this about a month after we actually purchased it and then we ran back to Toronto and went crazy on trying to finish all the renos on our house. Time was tight because we wanted to hit the hot Toronto real estate fall market. We missed our first choice deadline and made it a week later. We both worked so hard and so long those last weeks but the house is gorgeous!

This is the Toronto house after we ripped off the old metal porch and painted out the brick. It's quite shocking on our street from all the dull beige houses and browns and terracotta bricks. The consensus of the neighbours is that they like the look of the house and many have commented that before I changed the look they had never even noticed the house at all. There was also some comments that we are looking much more like the Annex neighbourhood now. This neighbourhood is quite posh and funky with gorgeous houses.

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