Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We Are In the County!!

This is the view from our kitchen window and the horses are usually in the green field you can see on the other side of the river.
I'm once again at the library picking up junk mail. The deal is the Wireless tower they built on a silo in Waupoos isn't tall enough to get a decent signal. So back to the engineering drawing board of figuring out how to get it taller and attach it so it doesn't blow off!! They say maybe by xmas. We aren't holding our breath.
We are in town to do some errands and one of them is to find a modem for dial up in the mean time. Of course they will only allow us to use 10 hours month until the wireless is up. Yes you heard right 10 hours a month!!! Yeah, I freaked too! Hopefully we'll have some dial up before the week is out.

Life is awesome and we are loving it here. The kids are loving it and very happy and relaxed. Quinn is bringing home love notes every day this week from all these different girls so he is feeling pretty good! Leah loves the less homework and therefore less stress and has 2 very good friends in her class.

We've had a great snow that is now gone, plus a day with double rainbows and lots of sunshine and warm weather too. It feels like we have, in three weeks, managed to have every season pass through!

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