Saturday, November 04, 2006

Galloping Goat Gallery

Here is the location of the Galloping Goat Gallery barn. Or at least in 19 days it will be ours. This barn used to be the original Black River Cheese Factory but it moved across the road in, I believe 1901. It's going to be quite a job getting this barn up to snuff to be a store. I'll load photos of what it looks like inside when we get there and hopefully before spring there will be "after" pictures when we are ready to open the store. Too bad I can't paint it until the temperatures are above 10 celcius...sigh. That will be fun, at least painting the inside and picking colours since the outside is staying red. I want to paint the trim around the windows a sage green colour but Tim wants to keep it white since it's traditional. Any opinions? It isn't registered as a heritage building but and everyone that visits the county takes pictures of the barn since it is so picturesque with it being beside the river. Which should we do? Or do we even need to worry about it?(The river is just to the left of the picture here.)

Only 19 days left! Eeek! My stomach lurches when I see the calendar these days knowing it's soooo close.

Tim's last day of work was yesterday and for fun he decided to a jacket, shirt and tie. The kids even asked why he was dressed like that. I told the kids "Daddy is playing dressup today." The kids of course understood that explanation completely and just said "oh" and went on with getting ready for school. Tim and I had a bit of a giggle since he wouldn't normally ever wear those kind of clothes to work, only weddings and funerals warrent it.


Anonymous said...

i would leave the outside traditional white, then have all the fun stuff on the inside, so it's like a treasure when people come in!! :)

shell :)

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Can`t wait to see what you`re doing!