Thursday, November 16, 2006

Website Building

My smart hubby is working hard on creating our Galloping Goat Gallery website. It's looking great so far. We've even managed to agree on a business card design without any major arguments! Just a tweek here and there and one back and forth of each of us having a go at the design and we came up with one that we like.

Cute goat isn't he?

I got all excited this afternoon in the middle of packing because I came across a knitting pattern for a winter hat that had a goat on it. I kept thinking how cool it would be to make Tim one for Yule and try to somehow tweek the design so it looks more like our goat. I have only recently begun knitting but have managed pretty well and even messed with some patterns midway so that they would fit better. I guess I could always just knitt the hat and then stitch the goat on after.

Tim just realized we have inadvertantly picked christmas colours. Well yes, kind of, but red and green are split complimentary and go together really well. We picked the red because the barn is red and green to go with the garden theme of our items that we will be selling. We should probably pick a third colour to compliment the design that doesn't say christmas so much!

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