Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Limbo Anyone?

Well here we sit in Limbo Land...sigh. Too soon to pack all of it and nothing much to do since the work is waiting on the other side of the move.

Having Tim home has been nice and he even cooked dinner tonight! Nothing beats sitting down to a meal I didn't have to think about, plan or prepare!

Here is the stuff I have been working on and is now on the website. Soon the grow charts will be there as well, they just need to be photographed. has most of my stuff under "New Projects" and there is even a page with my picture in the Knobart crew link. Our dog Belle has her picture and info page under the dogs since she comes to work with me on occasion when I dodn't drive in on my motorcycle. Though she would probably love that if I had a side car for her!


Debby said...

These are very nice. Really like the colors.

Artsymom said...

Thanks so much Debby! We try and stay within a certain colour palette at Knobart but I have a habit of cheating on it alot. I'm always mixing a little of this and that into the paint pots they give me! Luckily Sharin, the owner, lets me get away with it so long as I'm able to repeat it when the client asks for another one.