Saturday, November 24, 2007

October in Prince Edward County

I've been poking around on the computer, since it's Saturday night (and that means hockey on TV, bleck!) and found some great photos I took last month.
We moved here one year ago today so we missed the fall colours last year with all the rushing around to pack up our house in Toronto for the big move. Well we certainly had a great showing of colour this year to enjoy to make up for it last year.

It really is achingly beautiful here through all season but fall really puts quite a show on. Every morning for the month of October I brought along my camera on my early morning drive to work at Cressy Tool & Die. I live in a bit of a valley and as I climb up the rock cut to the main road the sun would inevitably greet me as I crested the hill. Rising up over the lake in glorious golden hues with the mists still swimming across all the fields. It was really breathtaking but I never managed to stop the van and get out and take a picture. It always seems that when you see something like that when you try and photograph it and contain in that space it never does it justice. I think it has to do with the fact that your standing in the middle of incredible view with golden light and mists enveloping you.

So I basically chickened out and never tried. Also there always seemed to be another vehicle behind me and I didn't want to pull a tourist of hoping out with my camera in hand. I am trying to look like a local after all!! Tim says my hats give me away every time. I do have a rather fun collection of hats that I love to wear and they all are a bit of statement makers, hee hee! Funny, I don't think I've ever lived anywhere where I have actually been a "real" local to the place! Weird!

Anyway here are a few shots I took of the river standing beside our barn with the sun setting.

I really should have taken some shots this morning. There was a dusting of snow on the ground already and then big thick clumps of snow started falling. After about a half an hour when I walked outside it was like everything had been powdered with icing sugar and it was all quiet with that funny sense of muffled sound that comes when it snows like that. The snow must absorb alot of sound so it seems so much more still and quiet.
This property has such a great feel here and energy, especially the barn. I sure love being out there in the store. It must have something to do with the age of the building or something. Of course it could be that I've filled it with stuff I really like and it's neat and tidy unlike my house!! I think this summer I might try and rig up a cot to sleep upstairs in there on those really hot nights!

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