Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It's been ages since I've had time to write here and I miss doing that. I promise to try a bit harder now that we are moving into what appears like it may be a quieter season.

Well it's been almost one year to the day that we left downtown Toronto for Prince Edward County and wow, what a year! Our business the Galloping Goat Gallery had a very successful first year with hopefully more to come. We are even having a "Customer Appreciation Day on this Sunday (Nov. 25th) with some of our artists visiting and regular customers dropping. My mom is bringing another load of her fresh baked biscotti, which has been hugely popular!

It's funny looking back at some photos of last Christmas when we had only been here 4 weeks how odd the house looks in the photos. It still looks like someone else's home. The curtains weren't up and walls were still all a whitish colour. At least I've managed to put a bit of colour on the walls now and it's starting to look more like we live here. Of course I haven't managed to print any of the photos from last year or for the past few years come to think of it. If there was a fire I would have to grab the computer harddrive since all the photos from the last 4 years are in it! It's going to cost a small fortune to print them all, not to mention weeks of sifting through the files to see what's worth printing. Ugh! I'm kind of missing the days where you had to take the film in to see what you had photographed.

It's funny this picture because I have another one just like it with the same goofy paper hats from the crackers except it was some time in the 1970's and I was the same age as my daughter Leah in the picture with all my aunts, uncles and grandparents! Does everyone have one of these pictures??

At least then you had them printed out once and a while. Of course then they were put into boxes with the intention of putting them into an album. Or better yet the intention of making a beautiful scrapbook with all those fun embellishments and ribbons, stickers and what-have-yous.
I really like scrapbooking but I find it difficult to do, which my friends think is odd since I'm an artist and used to be an illustrator and a graphic designer. Weird huh? Maybe I just think it way too much. I have a large rubbermaid box of scrapbook stuff and now I end up letting the kids use it for school projects. What a hell of alot of money I must have spent on the stuff in that box!

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