Thursday, November 22, 2007

New Kitten

Well it's all my fault, I admit it. I don't know why I can't resist another pet...sigh. Meet our newest family member Smudge. It took us a long time getting to this name and no one will even call him that most times. It's always "hey kitten" or "kitty" or "fuzz butt" or something along those lines.

We were visiting a neighbour's farm and meeting all the cows, chickens and kittens and this little grey fuzz ball of affection I couldn't leave behind. I even had to convince the kids that they wanted him but kept saying that their father was going to freak. This was just shortly before Halloween. Funny, that was the same time last year that we found our Baxter at the Toronto Humane Society and brought him home.

Well the kitten thinks, as most small
animals do, that everyone must love me and constantly climbs into the paws of fluffy Belle who is anything but thrilled with the intrusion. I think the kitten thinks that Belle is nice and warm with all that fur especially around her tail and behind. The problem comes when the kitten starts to paw and claw and play with Belle's fur. Usually Belle stands up suddenly the kitten tumbles off and then it all begins again a few minutes later when Belle finds another place to lie down.

Smudge is a very mellow little guy and has taken to the habit of sleeping with me every night. Everyone else was sleep tested but Leah has too many toys to fit the kitten and Tim always picks him and chucks him to the end of the bed and Quinn's loft bed is too high,
yet. Apparently my neck is nice and warm and the perfect spot. Lucky me! All the damn purring makes me nuts and then the occasional stretches that cause sharp claws poking me in the chest is not a great way to acquire sleep! Oh well, it's my fault we have the silly fur ball and I'm getting better at falling back to sleep after he wakes me up to settle in for the night. This is Smudge sleeping in Tim's baseball/work hat.

Now for the weather report; it was an icy rainy snowy day with no buses but the kids got dropped at school anyways. Quinn was there with 2 other girls and Leah was at her school with a total of 5 other girls. They both had a great time playing all day while Tim and I worked. Tim was the one with the worst luck being stuck outside all day in that nastiness fixing a falling down barn, yuck.

Also tomorrow marks the offical one year mark of us moving into our house here in the County and we are going to celebrate by going to the evening Santa Claus parade in Bloomfield and camping on my boss' front lawn to watch it. There are lots of lights and a marching band so it should be a fun time.

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