Monday, December 03, 2007

Knitting Funky Hats

Hello my name is Lesley and I'm a knitting addict!!
Hats right now are my favourite, especially when I can play with decorative yarns and fun colours.
I've even sold a couple in our store and I have lots of interest in the one I wear around town. I haven't been knitting long but love the fact I can do it while in meetings, in the store while customers are browsing and in front of the TV. Now if I can just figure out how to read and knit my life will be complete!! I need some kind of a book holder... hmmm...I just might try and see if my cookbook holder will work.
This is a hat on the right I just finished. It's an xmas gift though it really looks cute on my daughter Leah and she loves it.

Here are two that are up for sale at our store, modelled by Leah and Quinn. I have a thing for checkerboard pattern so the blue and orange hat Quinn is wearing has the checkerboard using the eyelash in blue with regular orange yarn for the opposite square. It looks really cool with squares of eyelash sticking straight out with the flat orange yarn beside and above it. This picture doesn't show it so well. The tassle on the top is actually a 4" long braid with the pompom on the end. I made these large enough for me to wear so they are a smidge on the big side for the kids but they both what to keep the ones they have on.
Off to knit some finger puppets for Quinn at his request for his homemade Yule gift. So far I've created Spiderman and now I'm trying to find black yarn to make Venom but might have to just do Green Goblin tonight since I can only find the green yarn and not the black! I really have to stop stashing yarn all over the house, I can't find anything!!

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