Friday, March 09, 2007

Spring, Bring it ON!!!

Is it Spring yet?? It feels like spring, it's sunny and getting warmer. The time change is tomorrow night, which is a bit weird. I usually start that transistion way before the actual time change but it's not happening yet for me so I think this could be painful. At least it's March Break and we don't have to get up so early. It should make it a bit easier on us.

So I need some spring so hear are some pics from my old tiny city garden.

I made my front lawn into a garden since I hated hauling the electric lawnmower out to cut the sad bit of grass. It was only about 17 feet by 12 feet so it wasn't like it was doing much. In 3 years it looked great! I had tonnes of compliments if I was out puttering in it by neighbours. I even had a lady drag back a big box of perennials when she saw me putting in my first plants and there was all this empty space still left. That was the great thing about city gardening, everyone was running out of room and they were always glad to give plants away when they had to thin their perennials out.

We even gorrilla gardened in a few areas around the school on grass boulevards belonging to the city. I always figured if the city expects me to mow their grass then they can't complain if I decide to make it into a garden instead!

Here is the real reason I want spring to come!! Vroom, vroom!!! I still can't believe Tim talked me into buying this little baby! But man! it is so much fun to drive!! Tee Hee!! Not to mention it turns quite a few heads because it's a 1971 Honda 350. I haven't ridden it yet without some guy asking what year this bike is. The guys seem to love this bike because it's what most of them started out riding way back in the day.
Gotta love springtime, playing in the dirt and ripping around the roads! VROOM VROOM!

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Undercover Angel said...

I just wish spring would hurry up and get here, but I am dreading the spring cleaning end of things...

I haven't been able to get ready for spring before the time change either. I think it's because for the past two years they've been doing the time change early. It used to be in April, but they moved it up to early March.