Thursday, March 15, 2007

SHOPPING, SHOPping, shopping... whew...zzz

Well we had our first wholesaler rep come to our house to show us his line of products. He had alot of lines that he represented. He came with his wife at 10am. The first book I looked at didn't have much that got me excited then about catalogue #4 I started seeing more of what I wanted and got EXCITED!.

Wahoo! I was going to finally blow some $$ for merchandise that so far I have been only allowed to drool over.

5 hours later!! and a few thousand dollars that will be soon hitting the old credit card I am whipped! Thankfully they were helpful in remembering what I had purchased so far. Gaetan's wife was great with suggestions on what I had purchased to keep in mind for display, as in colours and themes.

It will feel like Christmas I'm sure when all the merchandise finally shows up and I get to open all those boxes. I'm sure there will be lots of surprises of what I have purchased and completely forgot about.

It did get completely terrifying in the last 2 hrs when I had no longer any idea what I had agreed to buy or how much I had spent so far. I mean seriously how the hell do I know what people are going to buy!! I hope I didn't completely bury myself with stuff no one will be interested in.

I did buy all the stuff I like at least so worst case senario I will have beautiful garden stuff for my garden!

There really was some gorgeous stuff that I got and great colours, yummy bright colours and you all know how I do love colour!!!

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Undercover Angel said...

Wow - everything really seems to be coming together for you! I can't wait until your shop opens!