Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Before Shots of the Galloping Goat Gallery

Here we have a first look at Galloping Goat Gallery, a soon to be up-and-coming destination location of a wonderful garden art boutique extraordinaire! In a mere 40 days you will see the transformation into a quaint and charming little retail shop.

This little gallery will be offering all those hard to find unique items to make your garden and landscaping something truly spectacular. There will also be an eclectic sampling of home decor and original art works by a number of local Canadian artists. Hope to see you soon!

(Opening day is tentatively set for May 5th 2007.)

The entrance way has a quaint rustic feel with a "watch your head" and "duck!" before you enter beam to welcome you.

Inside you will find the "whoops!" "don't trip on that loose board" flooring. That shows well the patinas of the barn's history. Notice the array of notalgic furnishings and odds and ends lying about. Gives you a real warm comfortable feeling doesn't it?

The use of colour in the upstairs room is quite a surprise but the view of the river from the windows makes up for the shock of the green walls. Make sure you give the walls a good knock before you spend too much time is this room. The resident squirrel hasn't accepted that notice of eviction yet.

The adjoining room still has that old world charm left untouched. The cathedral style ceiling with the leaky tin roof adds extra ambiance to the building.

Here is a view of the charming stairs or ladder, depending on your view point. Even this poor pooch looks on with trepidation. The twisting and uneven staircase very much resembles the historically acurate look of something that comes close to a ladder to a hay loft. Isn't it charming and rustic?

Here of course is our hardworking owner Farmer Tim. Do you see the knot hole on the wall of the barn above and to the right of Tim? That is where the highly popular mummified squirrel is peeking his petrified head out from. The childern always love to visit this little guy when they come to the barn!

Come visit us soon!!


ron st.amant said...

There's just something about the phrase 'Farmer Tim' that makes me giggle...

Undercover Angel said...

I'm dying to see the transformation! I'm really looking forward to your shop opening up!