Sunday, August 17, 2008


I've been knitting as fast as possible and still it's not quick enough for the way my funky hat creations are flying out the barn doors of the Galloping Goat Gallery! So here are some of the latest creations. Some are still here, others have found their people that have been searching for that perfect chapeau.

This is Raspberry Souffle. I've started naming the hats which is sometimes a bit of a trick but also alot of fun! This one is a delicious pink with a bit of soft pink eyelash and some purple feathery yarn mixed in.

This one is still in the store as of yet. The last 2 pink/purple hats I finished in the last month both sold so fast I couldn't even get a picture of them!

This hat was nameless until Clare discovered it on Saturday so of course this hat now has a home and a name! Clare's hat! Clare loved it so much she actually wore it right out of the store even though it is August! Hope you enjoy it, it was definitely made for you and looked awesome on!

This next hat I call Tropical Fizz. It's a bit larger than the other ones and will be looking for a person with either a lot of hair or just a bigger head.
Just for the record I knit hats in adult sizes since I personally love colour and a bit of silliness in my world and get a bit frustrated with how only kids get the fun colours in clothes and accessories. This is my personal way of putting the fun and funky out there for grownups. Of course growing up is an option, and at 40 I still have a ways to go I think!! hee hee!

This next hat is called Rainbow Sherbet. The photo unfortunately doesn't do it justice, the colours are so gorgeous and baby soft. As I was finishing it in store a lady thought it was a purse and it would have looked amazing as a purse but a wee bit to hairy. It did get me to thinking that making purses might be fun.

I just finished 2 more hats I don't have pictures of yet. One is Midnight Frost which my brother named and it's all in black/white and charcoal colours with a tassle off the top. I couldn't resist and added a few silver charms in the tassle strings. The other hat seemed convinced that I had to call it Harvest Moon. It's a bit more manly in colour, or at least I did try to go more that direction. My son Quinn helped me sort out what was Ok for guys and not Ok for guys to wear. He is 8 years old and very particular in that regard but still likes the bright colours so he is a handly boy to ask these important questions. Harvest moon is in rich orange with navy checkerboard and some bits of red and stripes of creme colour. I'll try and get photos quick before they find their favourite people's heads!!

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