Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

It's father's day for our husbands and dads so Happy Father's Day to those of you dads out there. Of course I know my father will never read this since he isn't very computer savy and sticks pretty much only on sites he is interested in. Ebay, train and car shopping, and any info on old cars is where he surfs. He did ask Tim the other day when he was visiting what the point of blobs was. Yes, he said blobs not blogs. Why would we write our personal thoughts for all to read? Why would anyone want to read our blathering? True. Funny how it's kind of irresistable reading about other people's lives. Tim explained that it's a great way to keep in touch with family and friends and let them know what's going on and what we are up to as well as tell the funny stories that happen and document pictures of life as it happens. Dad still thought it was rather odd that people like our friends and family would be curious enough to read it. Go figure!
The Galloping Goat Gallery was a busy little barn today and I sadly sold my last balancing crows garden stake...sigh. They are so cool those funny birds. They are made of metal and balance perfectly on a stake and swing and whirl around in the wind. I really really wanted to keep one for my garden but sadly I had to give them to other homes. I do have an order in for more but they are currently sold out also so I can only wait and hope they arrive. I also need to find a hammock that has a self-supporting stand for Tim for father's day. Of course we all know that it will become a fight with the kids who gets to lie in it and Tim and I will rarely get the change more than likely with out kids on top of us. I better find a good sturdy one.
Well the bats are out and swooping around eating mosquitos and my bug spray is wearing out so I'm going in the house now and giving up my pretty river view for a TV screen and finish my latest funky hat. Pictures soon of it I hope. It's a new pattern so you'll only see it if it looks cool!

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