Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Full Moon Eclipse

Tonight there will be a full moon eclipse that I don't think I'll manage to be awake for. I love watching the moon, so serene and peaceful. I like full moons' in the winter because their light is magnified this huge amount by all the snow on the ground. It lights up everything so it is practically daylight out with sharp crisp shadows on the ground.
We got another huge dumping of snow last night and this morning. I was actually amazed the buses ended up running. It was definitely the worst driving conditions I've had to deal with yet going to work.
So I am leaving my 2nd job at the Tool & Die company to have 100% of my time dedicated to the Galloping Goat Gallery and all the things I haven't had time to do until now.
I'm looking forward to it but also fairly apprehensive since it was a nice steady pay cheque. If feels like I'm jumping into another adventure again. So off I go to leap into the unknown yet again!

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