Monday, June 04, 2007

Ode to the Veggie Patch

Wow, has it really been only six months since we moved here? The time has flown by and yet it feels like we've been living this life for years instead of months.

We still get awestruck by the landscape around us and fasinated by the wildlife. The big bull frogs I'm learning to fall asleep to the rumbling croaks of them through out the night. The horse pasture has disappeared behind a wall of foliage and I've discovered terribly neglected gardens in little spots on the property. Tim and I have been tearing up the grass around the choked perennials in hopes of coaxing them into the sunshine and a healthy life.

We also had fun for Queen Victoria's birthday with some sparklers and an long open shot with the camera.

I finally managed to get Tim to let me drive the ride-on lawn mower and it was pretty fun! Tim got stuck with the push mower, tee hee. Tim even mowed the path of the labryinth that had disappeared in the long grass. Of course it did rain all day today so you know that we will be out mowing in 2 days tops to keep up with it all.

At least the Canadian Goose family are enjoying the many dandilion seeds that are on the lawn! I guess that's one way to get rid of them!

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