Friday, June 22, 2007

The 10 year Adventure

Well it was 10 years ago yesterday that Tim and I were married in a very fun outdoor, medievial, paganish wedding not far from where we now live. It was a really fun day and will definitely be one of my best days ever and I know Tim has said the same thing.
So tomorrow we are having friend and family coming over to BBQ and hangout and roast marshmallows and tent to celebrate. I'm looking forward to a fun Saturday!
This is where Tim spends alot of his time now on his wee tractor cutting grass. Doesn't he look like a good farm boy with his rubber boots, plaid farm jacket and that ridiculous bucket hat!! Gotta love him!

Last night I went with Leah to a Summer Solstice celebration with a group of local ladies. We all met at one ladies house not far from here and had the most fantastic evening together. My mom also came along with her crone sister Linda. The ceremony was beautiful and the sky was incredible with huge thunder heads rolling just by rumbling away just north of us. We even got a light sprinkle of rain with the sun shining and an incredible rainbow showed up. A very magical evening and we conjured up some really good energy and as always the feast afterwards was fabulous! These witches really can cook!! It is so amazing listening to these facinating women talk about the journeys they are on in their lives and all the incredible wisdom they have to offer. I always leave these events feeling so relaxed and enlightened. It's a good thing to be surrounded by wise women that I can learn by and if Leah is listening to even half of it she will be gaining some amazing insight that we should all be so lucky to hear.

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