Sunday, June 04, 2006

Gorilla Gardening

Two years ago I took out all the grass of our tiny 12 foot by 17 foot front lot and with a tonne of work and digging and adding in a truckload of triple mix. With the help of donations of many plants by my Mom and a friendly stranger who just came and dropped off an entire box of perennials my front garden looks fantastic! The tulips created a fun path for the kids though I can see now that I missed a section that I need to put bulbs in this fall. I better mark it now so I can find the area come October!

The city came along and spoiled my plan to no longer have to drag a lawnmower out the front by adding in a grass boulevard with a tree...sigh. I don't want to drag the damn lawnmower out and the neighbours to one side are renters and never do any lawn care. The neighbours on the right side are very clear that they will only mow up to and never over the property line. Sooooo that leaves me dragging out the lawnmower or making a new garden and ditching that grass too!! I think I'll start that little project soon...heheh. I can't resist the urge to expand the garden, maybe I'll even spread it into the renter house area since they obviously will never cut their's either.

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