Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mother's Day

Here it is Mother's Day tomorrow and I'm working, as usual. Good thing I love being out in the shop visiting with all the people that wander in!

I was a good girl and invited my mom for dinner and she is contemplating coming but hates the drive. It's only 45 mins of country driving but she always seems to stress about the distance. It's not that far! It's not like there is a highway or too much traffic. It's really pretty and you get to look at all the trees, cows, sheep and occasional horse as you drive, not to mention the good music you can listen to on the radio. I like driving, especially alone, as in no children chattering in the back seat. I play the music I like, flip through the stations as I want, sing at the top of my lungs if I feel like it, even occasionally do some seated dance moves and drumming on the steering wheel.
It's funny when I lived in the downtown core of Toronto she seemed to stress less about that drive from Belleville. Of course when she came to Toronto she always stayed a few days and we would usually run around the city on the subway and visit our favourite spots for lunch and a bit of shopping.

It's all about your mind set, if you keep stressing over something you dislike but still have to do, you will end up really stressed and hating it even more. My mom always says to me "Don't you just hate putting out all that stuff (as in our garden items for the Galloping Goat) everyday and bringing it back in every night?" I don't really think about it actually is what I usually say, if I did I would make myself nuts! In actual fact, yes I find it a pain in the butt dragging all the stuff in and out of the barn everyday! But I sure as heck don't want to hash it over and whine about it when I still need to do it. I intentionally don't think about it, I stay in the house until the last possible minute doing the usual morning stuff and then dash out to start the process. So far after all this time I've managed to do pretty good with doing this annoying chore and not thinking about it before hand. I guess it helps playing around with setting it up a bit differently just to distract myself mostly!

The tricky part happens when it rains,like it did today, what a downpour! Luckily I left it all out and then the rain went away and the wind picked up and dried out all of the flags and tags just in time to put it all away again!

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to all the Mom's out there and hope you all get flowers and breakfast in bed!

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