Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chilly Night

I am sitting in front of a wonderful smelling fire that is keeping my feet toasty but my bedroom will be of course ice cold. I love the woodstove but wish I had an electric blanket to at least take the frost off the sheets before I climb into bed.

Don't get me wrong I love a cool bedroom to sleep but on the really cold nights I tend to go to bed shivering and wake an hour later shaking with chills, no amount of blankets seem to be enough. I've started the habit of wearing a zipped hoodie over my flannel pjs to and wear the hood up so I keep my head warm.

Maybe I should wear one of my hats to bed!

The weather is throwing some nasty snow and rain at us right now and there is a prediction of no buses tomorrow, the kids, of course, are ecstatically hopeful that this will happen.

My week is going to consist of coming up with creative games and decorations for Leah's 11th birthday party this Saturday. I also need to take a run to Belleville to gather loot for the party goers, grab a couple of xmas gifts that are currently on sale (hopefully there will be some left after the weekend shoppers!) bake a cake, clean, and decorate. I'm a sucker for a theme party and Leah has requested a wizard, witch magical party. So we've decorated our spare room with fabric and black lights for the oracle that is coming to tell the students their future. It's actually Leah's Gramma that is doing the honours and doning a hat, cape and veil to add to the mystery.

I've been drapping blue xmas lights and halloween purple/orange lights all over the rec room to give it a more dramatic look. Next the streamers, and a few balloons. I also need some games that aren't too boring for the discriminating 11 yr olds that are coming and keep them out of trouble. Leah really wants me to create clues or riddles that they'll have to figure out to find different locations to get the next clue that will eventually lead to the "treasure". This is going to take some serious brain power and concentration for me to come up with good riddles. Tim is so much better at this but he is buried in his storyboard work right now so I'm not going to bother him.

Well it's getting late so I should wander off to my chilly bed. I have alot to get done and if the are kids running a mok tomorrow that will definitely complicate things. Eek! Did I mention that it's recycling day tomorrow, so much stuff to bundle and get to the curb, the fun never ends!

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