Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Hat with a Happy Home!

There goes another of my hats to a happy lady, I called this one "Neon Noggin", with some help on the name from Colleen who was visiting the store. The name usually comes to me as I'm doing the finishing up bits of tucking in ends and weaving them in, something I really dislike doing because I'm usually already wanting to start the next hat design that has been percolating in my head. Neon Noggin was a tough one because I was determined to create a swirl pattern knitted into the design. I used a rainbow wool for the swirl so in this picture it doesn't show up very well at the top of the hat. I think I ended up with 6 swirls around the hat after much drawing on graph paper and figuring with a calculator to make them show up at even points around the hat. I also tryed the bobbin technique of having the yarn for the swirl cut and wound up at each swirl point rather than the mess it would make carrying the yarn over so far between the swirls.

Anyways it was fun and I have the math worked out now so I can do it again but I'll try it using plain yarn so it shows up better.

It's SCARECROW FESTIVAL this Saturday (Oct 11th, 10 to 5) so I've got a million last minute things to pull together so we have enough materials for everyone that shows up to build a scarecrow. It might be a bit of a wild weekend seeing that it is normally busy with it being Thanksgiving and the weather is going to be fabulous, 18 degrees! and sunny! I hope we have enough stuff! We have 100 hotdogs and almost 80 scarecrow sticks and hopefully some people will want to build a soft sculpture scarecrow that can sit on a bench/chair or porch and won't want sticks.

Well off I run to get through the errands before I open the store.

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