Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Days Are Here!

So big excitement around here, it's Quinn's 8th birthday! Wahoo! He has been trying so hard to stay cool this week when he is in fact dying to open presents!!! He got one this morning from Leah and will get ours after school. Of course it's still all about Lego. Right now we are into Indiana Jones and Star Wars. At least I like both of those movies so I'm not out of my mind yet from the repeated viewing of them.

The marketing giants are sure good at what they do and you can't turn around without some ad showing up for Indiana Jones new movie, game or toy or lego, it's everywhere! So being a good mom I of course got suckered into buying the cereal with the light up spoon. Why the spoon lights up I have no idea. How long it will last before an errant drop of milk slides into the mechanism and shorts it out? Probably very soon.

We also got Tim a new computer for his storyboarding so he is a happy boy too with his new toy. My new computer, though months old is still my favourite thing too right now. Tim also got a wireless router so we can play with our fancy toys just about anywhere in the house and outside and still be online. Seriously that is so cool!! I even got a faint signal in the barn so when I'm in there I can send emails and pay bills, talk about convenience!

Right now it's all very exciting and fun and Tim and I drag our laptops around everywhere, yes, everywhere (he took his into the toilet to watch movie trailers!!LOL) and we have them on even when we are watching TV at night!! I imagine we will be a little less intense about all this online time soon... well maybe.
At least now I should be updating my blog much more regularily and we finally updated so that it no longer says we are closed for the winter!!!

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