Friday, September 14, 2007

Can I have a Mohawk? Please??

Look at that face, how can I saw no to those big brown eyes??
"Please mommy, please I want a mohawk!"

"Why?" I ask.

"Cause it will look cool! I'll look like a rock star!" Quinn says as he dances and leaps around the room, climbing anything that he comes in contact with. He appears so into being a rock star he starts doing his version I think of what he thinks is air guitar. It might work on a base cello those moves but I doubt any normal electric guitar would! I start wondering where exactly he has seen these moves he is miming.

"Well OK if your sure that's what you want." I say dreading the task of trying to pull this particular haircut off myself. I did do a sort of longish mohawk a couple of months ago with not bad results except with Quinn's silky locks they don't stand up straight or long enough to suit him.
So I pull out the phonebook and look up a professional for the job that won't cost me a small fortune for this whim of his. Though I admit he has been pretty focused on getting a mohawk for about half a year.
I found a local lady that cuts hair in her home and the wait for the 2 days until the appointment were excruciating for poor Quinn. We made it though with time to spare which annoyed Quinn that he couldn't leap into the chair and get on with the buzzing!
When the other lady customer finally vacated the seat she mistook Quinn for a girl which he says he is really tired of so that is reason #3 why he wants this mohawk since girls don't get them. I'll have to show him some pictures of me from the 80's. Little does he know that his mother had a mohawk long before they were common and mine altered weekly from brilliant fuscia pink to a very intense purple colour. I even played around with bleaching the shortest part out and then painting checkerboard pattern with the purple permanent dye or stripes once the checkers faded away.
I can't figure out why people mistake him for a girl. Seriously am I missing something? He always dresses like a boy, or in superhero costumes. His hair isn't that long. Is it those huge brown eyes and long eyelashes? The senior citizens we run into in town are forever calling him a girl and he gets so annoyed so I imagine this haircut will help out with that.
SO here it is the new Quinn, Mohawk and all!


Mr Putty Pants said...

Looks good Quinn. He Lesley, was he happy with his mohawk?

Artsymom said...

He loved it! He even has mastered doing the gel and spiking it himself!
How's life in you neck of the woods?